Taurus resigns, blessing tiger welcomes spring - Hengchang Group's labor union distributes holiday condolences to all members

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At the end of the year, the Spring Festival is approaching, reflecting the warmth and care of Hengchang's "big family".

The end of the year is the beginning of the year, and the Spring Festival is approaching. In order to further do a good job of caring and condolences for the employees of the group, it reflects the warmth and care of Hengchang's "big family". On January 26, under the overall arrangement and strong support of the Party Branch of the Group, after the Group's trade union committee decided to issue holiday condolences such as "Luhua" peanut oil and firewood eggs to all members, to express to all employees, one Thanks and affirmation for the hard work of the group over the years, let the majority of employees have a festive, peaceful and safe Chinese New Year.