On-site office meeting to implement the spirit of the second quarter scheduling meeting (1)

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[Implement the spirit of the Hengchang Group's second quarter scheduling meeting and effectively solve the outstanding problems in the current work]

In order to implement the second quarter scheduling meeting of Hengchang Group Spirit, effectively solve the outstanding problems in the current work, and lay a solid foundation for the orderly progress of the next work. On the morning of April 13, Chairman Liu Zhicheng personally led the team to Zizhuyuan Community and Yindu, accompanied by Deputy General Manager Yan Xueyong, Office Director Gao Chunxi, General Manager Ji Xiongfei and Deputy General Manager Bai Hao of Hengchang Property Company. The community conducts on-site office work, and conducts on-site inspections one by one for the problems involved in the second quarter scheduling meeting, and researches and formulates specific solutions on the spot, and defines the completion time limit to ensure that various problems are solved in place according to the time node.

I. Check the construction of the three-dimensional garage on the ground in Zizhuyuan Community

II. Inspect the Property Department of Zizhuyuan Community

Three, inspect the operation of the underground three-dimensional garage in Zizhuyuan Community

4. On-the-spot guidance on the renovation of old residential areas in Yindu and the dismantling of abandoned boilers