Appreciation and Analysis of Two Poems

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Qinyuanchun·Hengchang Agriculture
Text/Liu Shutang
Hengchang agriculture, thousands of acres of tidal flats, hundreds of sheep. Looking under the grape trellis, my mind is gurgling; in Diaowo District, next to the Liuan River. The transportation is convenient, the four fields are quiet, and the paradise is full of fragrance. Recalling the past, watching the ebb and flow, the car market. Sino-foreign joint ventures are difficult, and the introduction of technology is unlikely to succeed. Take advantage of the party's policy to seize the opportunity; real estate development, the market soars. Actively transform, forge ahead, revive dreams and help the country become stronger. In the new era, the number of romantic figures will create greater glories.

Liu Shutang (third from left), chairman of Zhuozhou Zhongyi Cultural Association, Liu Zhicheng (third from right), chairman of Hengchang Group, Liu Huijun (second from right), vice chairman, Li Changqing (second from left), and Gao Chunxi, director of the Group Office (first from right) ), Bai Hao (first from left), deputy manager of Hengchang Property, reported the work of Zhuozhou Zhongyi Cultural Association to former director Liu Junyu (fourth from left) and deputy director Hu Jiangan (fourth from right) of Zhuozhou Municipal People's Congress at Hengchang Group.

Seven Laws
—— Spring Festival group visit to Hengchang Agricultural Park
Text/Li Changqing
A wave of thousands of hectares wash Hengchang
Wo Ye Huai Chun hidden lover
Villa Pingting Curly Purple Air
Nameplate Yuli Pan Xiaguang
Chunhua breeds cold wind
The autumn fruit period becomes a fruity fragrance
Song of Loyalty to Wine
The sunset of life is also brilliant

On the ninth day of the first lunar month of Renyin, eight people from Zhongyi Culture went to Hengchang Agricultural Park for sightseeing at the invitation of Mr. Liu Zhicheng, a famous entrepreneur. Thousands of squares of Fangyuan smiled, toasting to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Author: Li Changqing (fourth from left)

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